Monday, June 19, 2017

Sen. Perdue: US had to take down Syrian jet - Waltz: US didn't have choice but to take Syrian jet down - US Shoots Down Syrian Jet, Russia Threatens to Track and Attack Anything West of Euphrates

CustodialFather in Texas 13 minutes ago (edited)

Styx, I don't understand your position. Unless someone is lying, the Syrian jet had just dropped bombs on U.S. backed forces which are currently working to attack ISIS forces in Raqqa. Are you saying that we should not protect our allies that are killing ISIS when those allies are attacked by Assad or Russia? Basically, Assad took an opportunity to attack people he doesn't like when their back was turned and they were engaged in a fight against ISIS. This was a cowardly move on the part of Assad. Our special forces are often deployed to help coordinate and train this type of Coalition group. Are we not allowed to protect our own special forces operatives from Russia or Syria? I'm not saying that the us-led forces are wonderful people. They will likely stab us in the back in 20 years if not sooner. I am simply saying that if Assad is going to attack people working with us to kill ISIS while they are killing ISIS, it makes perfect sense for us to intervene. What other option do we have? Should we drop the rebels, help Assad genocide them, and deploy a division of US troops to Afganistan to fight ISIS? We have to use someone as ground forces unless you want a full US military ground force deployment In Syria. I do not believe we should try to instigate a no-fly zone over our allies. That would make it very difficult for Syria and Russia to attack ISIS in Raqqa. However, if Assad is going to break that trust by bombing our allies while they are killing ISIS, we have to take action or else our allies will be sitting ducks and will either stop working with us or be less effective in fighting ISIS.

Richard Kuduk13 minutes ago (edited)
The Syrian plane bombed SDF forces fighting ISIS. The US warned the plane to back off and it didn't. The SDF and Assad have an unofficial alliance against ISIS. So Assad attacked the SDF and violated the Rules of Engagement.