Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Megyn Kelly Gets Punished By Advertisers For Upcoming Alex Jones Interview (REACTION)

Editor's Note: Sorry, I always question whether people's indignation is healthy when others question if people actually died in an event. Seeing as how our government actually put these phrases in a document... 

"Casualty lists in US newspapers would cause a helpful wave of national indignation." 
"Conduct funerals for mock-victims"

Megyn Kelly and NBC collectively and respectively have been punished by advertisers and a non-profit group because of Kelly’s upcoming interview with controversial conservative radio show host Alex Jones. The non-profit group in question is one with Sandy Hook in their name who claim to be comprised of some mothers of the tragic event. They say her interview with him is unacceptable due to Alex Jones floating conspiracies around about Sandy Hook being a hoax. JP Morgan Chase hasn’t been quite as forthcoming with their reasoning but Alex Jones himself appears to be the issue. All of this has happened before the interview has even come out in it’s entiretey. As of June 13th, 2017 there only exists around a minute's worth of a snippet of it emanating from Megyn Kelly’s twitter page.

It appears as if the mainstream media and their satellites are afraid of Alex Jones. Kelly’s stance on the interview is one that even the mainstream media should share. She wants to be able to pick apart his conspiracy theories and essentially prove him wrong. If the left are so confident in their beliefs, then this should be something that they are chomping at the bit to do. The major issue here is that the mainstream media has been peddling a lot of false narratives to their audience that they consider gullible and easily led. If Alex Jones, the ultimate red-pill distributor, is allowed to come on the air, then their ability to control their “blue pilled” audience will wane.

No controversy is emanating from the people in the general public. Alex Jones appeared on Joe Rogan’s podcast in an epic episode that lasted for nearly three consecutive hours. As of today, the video has over 4 million views. Which is astonishing for a podcast that long. It was universally loved and referred to by many on all sides of the political “aisle.” Left, right, and center all pretty much agreed that it was a good show. It’s clear to see that only the mainstream media and those in bed with the mainstream media are opposed to the interview. Confidence in one’s righteousness should reign supreme. Both sides should be able to get on a large platform and discuss their issues with one another and their own personal beliefs. When one side is bullied into censoring or pulling away, there can be no real exchange of beliefs and only an echo chamber will remain in the end.

Tribute to Megyn Kelly by debunkerbuster