Friday, June 2, 2017

Kathy Griffin Has Trainwreck Press Conference With Gloria Allred’s Daughter Lisa Bloom (REACTION)

For some strange reason, Kathy Griffin has decided to retain the services of Gloria Allred’s daughter, Attorney Lisa Bloom, as a result of the fallout from her controversial Donald Trump effigy from the now-infamous photoshoot with Tyler Shields. She says that she has received numerous death threats as a result. Not to mention the several paid jobs including her CNN co-hosting gig with Anderson Cooper during their New Year’s Eve show which she’d been doing for the past ten years. Blame was placed in the lap of Donald Trump and his family. Griffin says that Trump’s sons Eric and Donald Jr. have been attacking her through “bots” on Twitter. None of this makes any real sense but that was the purpose of the press conference.

Kathy also had her criminal attorney present due to the fact she is being looked at by Secret Service because her photo shoot can be considered a threat to Donald Trump. It’s not quite sure what purpose Lisa Bloom is going to serve. If anything, it would be to file a civil lawsuit but there a couple of problems with that. The first thing is, is anyone going to take Lisa Bloom seriously? Her mother is a well-known ambulance chaser and she came off the same way during the presser. She also came off as a politician. Bloom and Griffin both tried to place the blame for the fallout and the initial action of the bloody effigy on Trump. Bloom invoked things like exiting the Paris Accord and cutting welfare as reasons why he essentially deserved to be mocked in the fashion that they did.

At the end of the day, these attacks against President Trump will only serve as fuel to get more people on the side of the right away from the left. The press conference was not only shameful but also a giant train wreck. How can anyone justify the actions of Kathy Griffin? She apologized on Twitter and that should have been the end, but now she is trying to claim she’s a victim due to the negative backlash she’s getting. She wants to blame Trump and his children but she even got backlash from her colleagues including her co-worker of the past 10 years, that being one Anderson Cooper. Instead of hiring low-power ambulance chasers, she should focus on not making vulgar threats against the President of the United States.