Friday, June 23, 2017

Democrats Target Trump for Obstruction After Russia Collusion Conspiracy Fails

As talk of collusion between President Trump’s campaign and “Russian hackers” slows to a crawl, it appears the Democrats have turned their sights to a backup plan, which is to develop an obstruction of justice charge on Donald Trump himself.
As the attacks against the president begin anew, Donald Trump must realize one important fact. His opponents – the Democrats, globalists and even establishment Republicans – do NOT intend to lose.
If one plan to oust President Trump fails, they will simply enact another, regardless of facts or truth. Case in point, only a week after the testimony of James Comey proved Trump was never under investigation for Russia collusion, the following headline is released from the far-left Washington Post: Mueller Investigates Trump for Obstruction. This was followed by another Washington Post story today titled, Special Counsel is Investigating Jared Kushner’s Business Dealings.

Ironically, the first story was released on President Trump’s 71st birthday, perhaps an intentional jab by the opposition media, who work on a daily basis to remove the president from office.
The globalists were on the cusp of victory with the election of Hillary Clinton, and were prepared to move full steam ahead with their plans to unravel the founding principles of America. Then something happened they never in their worst nightmares expected, the voters elected Donald Trump and rallied behind the cause of Making America Great Again.
Although the radical left suffered a setback, they did not suffer defeat, and have reformed their ranks in order to undo the choice of the voters to elect Donald Trump as president. Almost since the day after Trump won the election last year, the plans to impeach or impede him have been evolving.
Even if all of their plans fail, the elite leftists would throw their money at funding protests to disrupt the entire country, as they would much rather see the American people suffer than prosper under an outsider president like Trump. After all, if Trump’s agenda succeeds, it proves to the American people that politicians do not have the country’s best interests in mind and are completely incapable for bringing out positive change.
Over the coming weeks you will see the anti-Trump media and their allies spewing the word “obstruction” more than a liberal politician screams “free” at their campaign rallies.
These elite liberals preaching the “Russia collusion” and “resist Trump” narratives HATE the founding principles of America and do not accept Donald Trump’s presidency as legitimate. They only use America and her people to fuel their own wealth, prosperity and power. Each political move is in an effort to further their agenda, and if it happens to help any American citizens along the way, that is simply an untended consequence of their actions. The anti-Trump leftists are not peace loving people, and although they choose their words in public carefully, I have no doubt they sit back in satisfaction behind the scenes at the attacks on conservatives by their useful pawns.
Trump will never succeed if his administration and the Republicans do not use the full force of their political powers, which were granted to them by the American voters, to defend against the vicious assaults from the leftists. If this does not occur, the movement that propelled Trump to the presidency has lost, and the chance to elect a political outside like Trump again will be lost for a generation or more.
By the leftist and their allies constantly spreading this message of an illegitimate president and the need to “resist”, more acts of violence will inevitably take place. Even if further attacks to not occur, the Democrats have their corrupt investigations of Trump in order to either inhibit his agenda, or oust him from office. Is it a coincidence that Robert Mueller, the former FBI Director put in charge of the special counsel to investigate claims of “Russian collusion”, is “good friends” with James Comey and hired 4 high-profile Democrat donors as his lead prosecutors?
What you are witnessing is the equivalent of a communist revolution forcefully taking over an elected government, only without actual tanks and gunfire involved. The threat to America’s democracy, however, is just as real. If the left succeeds in ousting Trump from office, it will send a clear message that the country is no longer in control of the people and voting will only be accepted if one of the establishment’s candidates is the winner.
If President Trump does not realize this yet, then he has the wrong people advising him and they are either corrupt themselves, or too blind to possibly assist his presidency. By now, it should be glaringly obvious that the anti-Trump forces within the government will never accept peace and unity. Instead, they will use whatever weakness the Republicans show to their advantage and will exploit every measure of corruption possible to achieve their goal of removing Donald Trump and destroying his movement.
I have a feeling this summer is going to be hot in more ways than just the temperature, as the radical left rallies their well-funded protesters to burn the nation in order to pave the way for elite Democrats to regain their power. The protest groups are just useful pawns, and every one of them should know when they take to the streets, they are simply helping their wealthy, elite political masters achieve even more wealth and power.