Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Aussie Business Leader to Invest $2 Billion in US Thanks to Trump: “Because of His Great Leadership” (VIDEO)

On Monday Pratt joined Charles Payne on Varney and Co. to discuss his pledge.
He could not stop talking about President Trump’s great leadership.
“We were very honored to make the pledge before the President and the First Lady announcing that because of his great leadership we are going to invest $2 billion in the US mainly in the Midwest. We just think that President Trump, we’re very enthusiastic about him, the jobs numbers that came out last week showed that unemployment is at a decade long low and that’s why we are doubling down our investment… Absolutely, President Trump is one of the huge reasons we made the pledge. We employ 7,000 people today in 68 factories across America… We’re seeing companies are coming back to America from China.”