Sunday, March 6, 2016

Second Baptist High School Student Ted Cruz Talks about 'Tits' and 'World Domination'

“Aspiration, is that like sweat on my butt? Oh I see, what I wanna do in life. Well, my aspiration is to, oh, I dunno, be in a teen tit film like that guy who played Horatio. You know, he was in Malibu Bikini Beach Shop? Well other than that, uh, take over the world, world domination, you know, rule everything, rich and powerful, that sort of stuff."

Such a good Christian boy who will certainly be an even better Christian man. So well-spoken and with so many impressive assperspirations. He might be president one day! :)

Still Report #688 - Ted Cruz - The Perfect Target - When asked what he wanted to do with his life he said: “Take over the world. World domination. You know, rule everything. Rich, powerful, that sort of stuff.” I can’t run that clip again because a Cruzer has already threatened this channel. But check it out. It is Still Report #564. Well, it turns out the teenaged megalomania may not have been the joke that the Sen. Ted Cruz of today claims it was. The core supporters of Senator Cruz who raised money for him and gave him enough credibility to win his US Senate race, were recently termed the “severely religious” or in other words a rather extreme version of Christianity. According to Breitbart, Ted’s father, Pastor Rafael Cruz gave a sermon last year at an Irving Texas megachurch that helped elect Cruz to the U.S. Senate. “Rafael Cruz indicated that his son was among the evangelical Christians who are anointed as ‘kings’ to take control of all sectors of society, an agenda commonly referred to as the ‘Seven Mountains’ mandate, and ‘bring the spoils of war to the priests’, thus helping to bring about a prophesied ‘great transfer of wealth’, from the ‘wicked’ to righteous gentile believers.” Well, I’m a Christian too and this “Prosperity Gospel” – or whatever they call it - has nothing to do with the perfect and selfless service Jesus Christ did during his 


A former classmate of Ted Cruz, Craig Mazin:


So how can we tell when Ted Cruz is lying?

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