Sunday, March 31, 2019

IS ADAM GREEN A MOSSAD AGENT ??? - Retarded to see comments like "Owen got destroyed!!" .....fuk sake he brought Adam on to HIS [Infowars] show and let the man bring it. Props to Owen.

Is Adam Green an Israeli intelligence officer ? doing some background checks indicate he did have a career in telecommunications involved in data collection and spying. he was also allowed into Israel which as we know is a big RED FLAG to anyone that knows anything about Israels border security and intelligence gathering agencies.

YTCensorsMe Poop
“I can’t believe you’re having me on”. Talk about paranoia. Alex figured this out long ago. You want to take down the enemy, you don’t bring religion or race into it. Why do you think he calls them GLOBALISTS, it’s much smarter strategy. Where can I see an unedited version where Owen actually talks.

Editor's Note: As I've stated regarding another topic...

To those who always scream JEWS!

Who cares, fight the agenda. MANY Jewish people do not push it and and/or fight against it. There are also of plenty of non-Jews who do push the agenda.

Green says that the only people we should be talking about celebrating on 9/11 were the infamous 5 dancing Israelis. However, a careful examination of this article...

Trump Is Right: Video Describes How Jersey City Muslims Held PRE-PLANNED 9/11 Rooftop Celebration:

...will reveal that many Muslims did in fact celebrate on 9/11 and we get this interesting tidbit...

A WCBS newscast broadcast 6 days after the attacks, details how FBI investigators revealed that some muslim suspects living in an apartment building in Jersey City held a PRE-PLANNED rooftop party on the day of the attacks.
The task force investigators even stated that the suspects had a detailed model of the Word Trade Center, the type architects use, on the rooftop with them, along with binoculars.

As far as I can tell from the details we have about the Israeli incident compared to this, we are very well talking about different but similar situations...

The Five Dancing Israelis Arrested On 9-11:

In any event, that it was Muslims is what the report states, so Trump and Infowars are just reporting on that and related facts. They have covered the dancing Israelis and a ton of other evidence for Israeli involvement in 9/11 in the infowars produced film Fabled Enemies. Furthermore, Jones is not incorrect in stating Saudi Arabia played a major role...

Who had the most involvement is a hotly debated topic.
Furthermore, how did this Adam dude school Owen? Y'all are living in an echo chamber. Adam just spoke over him almost the entire time. Btw, I don't listen to Jones much. I'm not a sycophant like you guys.

He was unprepared...Adam wasn't. I would have went after Adam's failure to ever criticise Islam or it's pedophile prophet and that by his own logic he is a shill for Mohammad.

President Goyim
Adam lost me when he banned me for saying GDL stuff. Nothing weird . No appeals.

He lost me more when he got a strike and spoke of fighting censorship, this cannot stand that they were "targeting" him, and all I could do was scowl, for this guy who banned me was two facing it to YOU guys faced. Something was shady and when Jake Moohony arse and Adam suddenly appeared in Israel, had a great vacation, and came back 100% UNMOLESTED by Israelis, I KNEW the fix was in. These two were in Israel to get put on the Zionist payroll so they will discuss all the Israeli EVILS, but never discuss organizing, taking action, protesting, etc.

Essentially, they were gonna be the SANCTIONED voice of the opposition. One more gatekeeper that will only take you so far and then "forget" to discuss ACTION...


I do not support or oppose Israel totally, it's a mixed bag, like with all countries and humans...

Will Trump Drain His Own Administration of 'Swamp' Creatures? - Trump’s recognition of an Israeli Golan Heights (seized from Syria in 1967) draws little enthusiasm from those who live there - Rep. Ilhan Omar: Riding The Third Rail - With Guest Phil Giraldi (Liberty Report) - Palestine Hasn't Controlled That Disputed Region Since the Early 1880s and 1900s, Let This One Go and Saudi Arabia Should Allow Them In:

No Real Evidence that Alex Jones is an Agent, Wikileaked Evidence to the Contrary:
WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange recently released a stockpile of emails from the Texas based think-tank STRATFOR in the latest action bringing private information public. The emails were thought to have been obtained from the group Anonymous, a collection of hackers that have gained recognition over the years for hacking large corporations and government networks.  Alex Jones is mentioned in one of the secret emails from STRATFOR where he is described as a “lunatic”. The email reveals they wished he would have dropped the Osama bin Laden staged death story and “stopped complaining”. Far from being an operative, their private internal emails show he is considered a thorn in their side.

Joe Rogan is right about Alex Jones being right about a lot and more than he knows...