Sunday, March 10, 2019

Captain Marvel Drops A MASSIVE 72% At The Box Office! - Captain Marvel Soars While the Media Expose Their Own Bias - Captain Marvel Shatters Box Office and Possibly the MCU

Captain Marvel Soars While the Media Expose Their Own Bias - Captain Marvel Shatters Box Office and Possibly the MCU

It's only when Disney, YouTube and the mainstream media made these extremely biased plays did I truly understand that not only was there a culture war going on, but ... it's already over. The SJW left has their claws in literally everything. If anything, free-thinking individualists are now regulated to "trolls" - we're actually a resistance to what has quietly become a collectivism revolving around thought-policing. Hell, if I tell 80% of my acquaintances why I truly don't wanna see Captain Marvel instead of "the trailer didn't grab me - I'll catch it on streaming."... they'd probably be too afraid to talk to me. We really are living in interesting times. But viva la resistance.

RoK Bottom Studios
They think they won without realizing they just destroyed the last bit of credibility they had left. Rotten Tomatoes is not a viable review source anymore, and the media is bias to any film that matches their agenda. Also no one said Captain Marvel will flop, those that said that completely forgot this is Marvel, and it's a movie that's leading to Endgame. They won one battle but are losing the war.

Juan Medrano
So how do we shut them down for doing it dfctomm @Juan Nedrano We shut up, and don't give them a bad guy they can use to motivate the SJWs. Let Brie say whatever Brie wishes to say about white guys, but just don't give them a penny of your money.

dfctomm @Paul Nguyen
I don't believe that SJWs really like super-hero movies, and their attendance is generally a response to us. They attend for political reasons, not for enjoyment, and so if you remove the politics then most of these types of movies are failures. Look at female led action flicks that we ignore, they generally flop. We are the match that lights the SJW fire. P.S. let me edit that. remove politics and superhero movies will FAIL to motivate SJW attendance. It may or may not be a financial success.

ZoviZ 23 minutes ago @dfctomm
I'm thinking you are spot on with this. instead of going ballistic whenever some sjw actor/actress or whomever says anything about their fanbase, we should just ignore it and do not give them money. You're correct that a lot of people see those movies simply for political reasons.

My Reply:

Not enough people are going to shut up and it's just too much fun to respond. Them winning a battle by having to spend money to see movies they don't want to see isn't really a victory. Especially if continuing to respond to them wakes people up politically and we can have victories there. Of course we have to suffer with sub par movies as well, but this also inspires people to create their own art and their own versions of things like the Darth Vader fan film. People also start to entertain themselves in other ways that are healthier than Hollywood films in every way. Like getting out in the real world and getting some exercise and going to each other for news commentary/comic relief thus avoiding propaganda in two ways at once. Just like how Big Tech has led to many alternative platforms being created. Also, even films that aren't as good as they could be aren't usually a total wash at all and I've gotten really creative in still being able to see these films and never pay a dime. I payed to see the Hillary's America documentary for instance and then walked into Ghostbusters 2016!