Friday, August 3, 2018

Full Show - MSM Continues To Circulate Defamatory Claims About Alex Jones - 08/03/2018

David Knight and Alex Jones co-host this worldwide broadcast. Over 155 million are employed in America according to an official Labor Department report that is also President Trump’s 11th record-breaker since he took office 19 months ago. Trump praised factories returning to the US, including steel in Pennsylvania. Also, the New York Times stands by its employee who sent tweets disparaging ‘white people.’ Joining today’s show is the founder of Unite America First Will Johnson discussing his mission to unite America one person at a time. Furthermore, Martin Gottesfeld joins David Knight to discuss his crusade against the medical kidnapping of Justina Pelletier, which he was imprisoned for. Finally, Marc Moreno pops in to break down the climate change hoax pushed on world leaders and governments by the globalists. Dr. Nick Begich hosts the final hour.


Daily Rabbit Hole #383 | Alex Jones banned from Facebook | Pensmore mansion - Gizmodo RESPONSE: Ted Cruz Bravely Defends Alex Jones Against Facebook's Temporary Internet Jail: