Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Trump Receives Hero's Welcome In Poland - Poland Refuses Islamic Migrants Despite Threats From The European Union (REACTION)

Poland has refused to accept Islamic migrants despite the EU threatening them (along with Hungary and Czech Republic) with sanctions if they do not do so. This is happening during a climate of Islamic extremism running rampant throughout Europe, especially Western Europe. Poland’s next-door neighbor in Germany seems to be carrying the brunt of the burden of the aforementioned extremism as is their neighbor to the North across the sea, Sweden. But for some odd reason, those countries don’t seem to be putting much of a fight against their problems. Increases in rape and terror attacks in countries that have accepted an influx of migrants from the third Muslim world are blamed on other things, including Europeans themselves for destabilizing the refugees’ homeland. 

The only issue with the guilt-trip excuse the European Union has tried to dump on Poland is that Poland was never a colonial power. They were not involved with destabilizing any countries. Refugees were never invited to Poland so there is no reason for them to be allowed in. Beyond the obvious spike in violence they bring, you’re also talking about infectious diseases like HIV and tuberculosis. Disease which has been eradicated in the first and second world have not totally been wiped out of the third world and they carry that as baggage with them. Considering Poland’s history of being invaded by overzealous European powers, it would make common sense for them to not want the same thing to happen again, this time with Muslims in addition to the same Europeans as before (Germany.)