Friday, July 7, 2017

Migrants in Sweden Attack Young Girls at Music Festivals AGAIN! This Time, Feminism Reacts (2017)

Yet again, Islamic migrants in Sweden have sexually assaulted youngs girls at the music festivals Putte i Parken (Party in the Park) and also BrĂ¥valla. These are essentially outdoor concerts where a lot of young people in Sweden congregate. Last year there was a big uproar about the same exact thing happening at the same exact places by the same exact people. The question is… what has been done since then to prevent it from happening again? It’s not quite clear in the case of Bravalla. As far as Putte i Parken, they apparently saw a dramatic decrease in the amount of reported sexual assaults. Last year there were around 35 now only about 2 were reported. These numbers point out a problem although they look like an improvement … the police may be underreporting the issue in order to make Sweden look better. Or to simply not be “racist.”

Looking and feeling like “racists” is a big part of the problem that faces Sweden as it relates to the Islamic migrant crisis that fuels all of the issues facing these music festivals. The majority of, if not all of, the attacks at the festivals came from migrant men and their victims were young girls between the ages of 11 and 18. As a result of all the violence against young girls, the organizers of Bravalla decided to cancel it altogether for 2018. But then came Emma Knyckare, a Swedish radio show host, who decided to come up with the idea to remove men from the festival in general since they “can’t behave.” The organizers caught wind of the suggestion and agreed. So the concert in 2018 will be for women only. Another question must be asked here… does anyone involved with the decision making process at Bravalla recognize what *type* of men that are committing the crime or are they being anti-male?

Either way, something must be done to protect girls at these festivals. Moreover, something must be done to protect Swedish citizens in general wherever they are. This of course falls into the lap of Swedish leadership to accomplish. But maybe they are too occupied with matters of racial sensitivity to protect their own people and themselves.