Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Investigate Hillary Clinton's Russian connections? - Where's the probe on Clinton-Russia collusion? - NY Post: It’s Time to Investigate John Podesta’s Russia Ties

Judicial Watch earlier investigated a controversial Clinton Foundation 2010 uranium deal with Russia. As secretary of state, Hillary used her position for profit-making. In his book “Clinton Cash,” Peter Scheweizer raised questions about the deal and others, involving millions of dollars of Clinton Foundation donations from foreign governments and other sources. The foundation was used as a money-laundering, pay-to-play, self-enrichment racket, masquerading as a charitable NGO. More: https://republicbroadcasting.org/news/no-investigation-of-clinton-foundation-uranium-deal-with-russia/
Christopher Farrell, Judicial Watch Investigations Director, wants the Russian collusion investigation to look into Hillary Clinton’s ties to the Russians.

Hillary Clinton campaign chief John Podesta has a tangled money trail links him to a green-energy company that received $35 million from the Russian government. Where's the outrage? Where's the investigation? #Tucker


Red Pill Media: Maria Bartiromo Drops Red Pills on Pedophile John Podesta - JOHN PODESTA JUST TESTIFIED IN SECRET BUT IT'S WHAT HE SAID AFTER THAT IS TURNING HEADS: