Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Give Your Money to John Podesta or Else? Jeff Bezos Demands that America Fund His Fake News Empire - Amazon Monopoly Destroys Competition And Creates Dependency - NY Post: It’s Time to Investigate John Podesta’s Russia Ties

Jeff Bezos, wealthy owner of the Washington Post, who recently hired John Podesta to work for the paper. Is now demanding congress introduce a new law that would give him, and others in the establishment media, more negotiating power over online revenue. The resulting news monopoly would make it easier for billionares like Jeff Bezos, Carlos Slim, and Warren Buffet to fund their paper through favorable grants, and other forms of funding, and preferential treatment. 

Jeff Bezos, previously accepted a $600 million dollar contract with the CIA for collection of data from Amazon (also owned by Bezos). Now, Amazon has purchased major food retailer Whole Foods, this will give Amazon and the CIA increased control over the food supply, and access to information from Whole Foods customers. Is this another step for the Deep State to take over all of America's resources?

Washington Post Leads The Way In Pure Deception:


Red Pill Media: Maria Bartiromo Drops Red Pills on Pedophile John Podesta - JOHN PODESTA JUST TESTIFIED IN SECRET BUT IT'S WHAT HE SAID AFTER THAT IS TURNING HEADS: