Monday, July 17, 2017

Fake Polls Keep Marching On - RUSH: ABC/WaPo Poll On Trump Approval Numbers Is 'SO DAMNED DISTORTED'
Synopsis: Top investigative reporter, Rich Pollock, just wrote a great piece in the Daily Caller about how most national pollsters are still creating fake polls to serve the anti-Trump agenda. 
Every pollster knows this is going on, however, some of them are unwilling to play the game. According to Raghavan Mayur, presidenct of TechnoMetrica, which leads the polling operations for Investor’s Business Daily:
“Typically, the mainstream media and the major polling companies will never admit their bias to you. This is like an alcoholic not admitting to using alcohol. They are in denial.”
IBD was one of the few polling organizations to predict’ not only the Trump victory, but the last four Presidential victories as well.
Affable Democrat, Pat Caddell, agreed; right after the Trump election:
“… there was a couple days of shock. And then they moved on because what they could not do is to get to the bottom of their own polling bias.”
I have to take issue with these two – just a bit – these guys know what they are doing, they just won’t talk openly about it because their entire raison d’être is to provide accurate predictions of future results, and if it becomes widely known that they are skewing their results along political lines, they just can’t last long.
There are many ways to skew the results. One of the most basic is who you sample. If you want left-leaning results, you sample Democrats. But there are more subtle approaches.
As Dr. David Dutwin told the Daily Caller:
“…we’ve always reported presidential approval just based on adults 18 and above.”