Monday, June 19, 2017

Actor Nick Searcy Trolls Chelsea Clinton on Twitter Over Health Care Tweet

Donald Reed 3 hours ago
Martin Brodel: Please look into "Why" the career "Politicians" are against the "President's" new budget./You will learn that the "President" has no plans on cutting into the (Soc., Medicare Programs) for Americans only those who are not needing it legally. It's being blocked to try to force the "President" into cutting the of said programs and transfer that money that they are quickly pushing through called "Single Payer". As an attachment to the present "Health Care". Look into Governor Jerry Brown's "Single Payer" health Care which his trying to push through!! Of course Gov. J. Brown will demand FED funds and will be the First Step to make it part of a New Nationwide Health Care or an Attachment. Making the US Health Care System, modeled after the UK Health Program.

Kathie Dougherty 1 hour ago (edited)
Government run healthcare HA HA you mean like the VA Hows that working for millions of vets? Could you imagine that for the entire country Stupid! If "they" really wanted healthcare for citizens then all major companies would be required to offer plans to all employees at the same rates as full time employees group rate so lets say all Walmart employees are one million people each pay $150 or $250 per family = one hell of a lot of money to let say Five companies of choices each company would take in a ton of money then add more huge companies like Target, Walgreen's, Kroger, or maybe all retail stores. Anyway it is not about helping people with health it is government takeover they want.

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