Sunday, March 19, 2017

Donna Brazile Finally Admits She Gave Hillary Clinton Debate Questions Early; Still Blames Russians

Donna Brazile has finally admitted to giving Hillary Clinton debate questions early after nearly a year of denial and/or not disclosing the information. It was revealed through WikiLeaks emails in October of 2016 that Donna Brazile received at least one question ahead of the debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. This debate was one hosted jointly by CNN and TVONE, hosted by Roland Martin and Jake Tapper. Apparently, Brazile got the question from Roland Martin of TVONE. Of course, this is unfair to Donald Trump because he is at a disadvantage due to not being privy to the same early questions that Hillary Clinton was. 

Megyn Kelly interviewed Donna Brazile about this after one of the campaign events. She said a lot of things in response to Megyn, but never once did she admit to doing it. Her main deflection tactic were that the emails found in WikiLeaks were stolen, and that they shouldn’t be taken seriously. For some reason, Donna has had a change of heart recently. She published an article on Time Magazine’s website in which she explained why she leaked the questions. It was an article full of buck-passing and responsibility avoidance. Russians were brought up as the chief reason why any of this happened. She alleges they tried to rig the election by hacking the DNC and other places. She says that her job was just to get more diversity as it relates to the debates. But never did she really own up to the fact that giving debate questions early is, if nothing else, totally unethical and unfair to the campaign process.

What this leak does more than anything else is vindicate the information provided by WikiLeaks. As of yet, they have not been off-point with their information. Everything has checked out. Some people would beg to differ but what is to be said when they keep being proven right over and over again? Donna Brazile is one of those people who would beg to differ. But her situation is quite clear to identify. She’s just trying to save her reputation and secure new employment after being let go from CNN due to becoming the interim DNC chair and also the DNC chair position due to being ousted by Tom Perez.