Sunday, March 19, 2017

Burlesque Dancer Martina Markota Blacklisted by NYC Liberals for Voting Trump (INTERVIEW)

Burlesque Dancer and former mathematics student at NYU, Martina Markota also known as Lady Alchemy, has been blacklisted by New York City liberals from being able to make a living in the performance art arena. She had been attending NYU while performing to help pay for life expenses when her support for Donald Trump and appearance on the Gavin McInnes was revealed to the local industry. As a result, there was a concerted effort to have Martina removed from the industry. Lots of online bullying with pictures of her ad campaign pictures thrown in the garbage. Very nasty and contradictory behavior from liberals who purport themselves to be above that way of being. In this interview, we talk about her experience in New York as a performance artist while being a conservative, her affiliation (if any) with “The Proud Boys,” the “He Will Not Divide Us” fiasco that happened in New York, and much more.