Tuesday, October 18, 2016

URGENT: Trump Must Expose Electronic Vote Fraud or Lose the Election (Hacking Democracy)

Everyone please contact the Trump campaign and let them know that it is vitally important for them to hold a press conference on electronic vote fraud.  They should have Trump play a clip from the documentary Hacking Democracy – The Hack, and explain that there is no paper trail and no way that the election can be validated except via independently conducted exit polls (that have traditionally been used to unmask fraud overseas)

In the same press conference Trump should also post these 16 points of evidence of fraud from this academic paper:

No Paper Trail Left Behind: the Theft of the 2004 Presidential Election

Without dealing with electronic fraud Trump will lose. Vote fraud overcame the landslide election losses Hillary faced against Bernie Sanders. The same is likely with Trump IMHO.

I will forward around this last point about election fraud message myself. Hopefully the Trump campaign will act. Please help !

Best Regards !