Sunday, October 30, 2016

Newest Wikileaks - October 29 Leaks

1. Hillary's team admits to knowing of classified material in emails 

  • This is the campaign admitting to knowing there were classified emails, despite saying there were none. How is this not proof of awareness and thus "intent"?
  • But Hillary already said there was NO classified email of any kind sent or received... She then said FBI Director James Comey agreed with her. Surely people don't think she actually tried to lie about this, right?...

2. Top Clinton staffer: Hillary and Bill "have the worst judgment" 

  • If her own team, her closest allies who see her on a day to day basis claim that she has bad judgment in emails they think will never be seen... you can be assured she has done a lot of questionable things behind closed doors.  These leaks are exposing many of them.  As bad as these leaks are, she deleted 33,000 emails that she most likely deemed to be too damning, which is scary considering how bad all of these are. 
  • Remember, Bernie Sander also said she has bad judgement.

3. Turkish President Erdogan's team may be donating to Democrats

  • If true, this would obviously be highly illegal.  Turkey has been associated with helping ISIS through oil trade.
  • This could explain why Erdogan's unprecedented crackdown on "coup plotters" has been met with zero resistance from the U.S.  This has led to almost 100,000 workers losing their jobs, getting arrested, or being removed from Erdogan's political opposition.
  • This picture talks about the two names mentioned.
  • Mehmet Celebi:  he was a Regional Co-Chair on Hillary's Finance Committee for her 2008 presidential run. Has his hands in a lot of pies and is a long-time Clinton associate at this point.  He also is listed on Hillary's website as "Hill-raiser," someone who has raised more than $100,000 for her presidential bid.
  • Ali Cinar is a US/Turk expert and hosted a DNC event.

4. The Clintons are backstabbers according to close ally 

  • Former Bill Clinton personal assistant and cofounder of the Clinton Global Initiative is saying Chelsea is just like Hillary, and not in a good way.

5. Hillary campaign writing Hillary's "off-the-cuff remarks" for an "off the record" Trump protest 

6. Media collusion: journalist upset by sticking up for Hillary 

  • I must tell you, John, when I see things like this, there are moments when I think her candidacy was just not meant to be . I went out on a limb for her today, which very few Democrats who are not paid by her have done recently as visibly and strongly as I did today, and if I knew this kind of thing was coming I would never have done it in a million years."
  • "A Clintonian triangulation against liberals at this particular moment in her political life is not the shrewd strategy I would propose."
  • This "journalist" sounds upset that he is not getting paid to stick up for Hillary. Because AFTER ALL he is in the media and should be FAIR AND UN-BIASED.  Wow...
  • He is also trying to talk strategy and offer political advice as a journalist to the head of her campaign.  Media collusion!