Friday, July 21, 2017

Response to David Seaman Regarding Trump Not Indicting John Podesta

David Seaman's recently stated conclusion that the reason Trump has not indicted John Podesta on Pedophilia charges is that he is protecting him in the interest of protecting national cohesion is unfounded. A lack of having any hard evidence, as opposed to just very compelling circumstantial evidence is likely a factor. If Trump were to go after Podesta with the publicly available evidence we have he'd be dumb to do so before securing his reelection. Why risk adding ammunition to impeachment attempts? He couldn't fire Comey without causing a firestorm and getting a special prosecutor appointed against him, an act well him his his legal rights.

Going after a political opponent for something held by a large portion of the country as being a baseless conspiracy theory and based on a circumstantial foundation is not a smart move. Why risk 4 more years to do the good work he can do and is doing as POTUS in general and can and is doing in taking down the worldwide pedo network?

If the evidence is not strong enough to convict in his opinion, and considering the Clinton body count, why ever risk his life? Living and fighting another day both politically and literally is most important to a man with as much power as Trump as either POTUS or a private citizen. Why assume he's as convinced as you about Podesta in the first place? Judge him on the actions he is taking, not assumptions you are making about where his mindset is. I hope he finds a way to take these people down, believe me, but based on the fruit he has produced, I am convinced that he is making the decisions he is making for very good reasons.