Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Full Show - Everything You Need To Know About America’s Next AG - 07/25/2017 - John McCain’s Legacy Of Lies & Deception

President Trump has called out his AG, Jeff Sessions, for not going after Hillary Clinton and her numerous crimes. Meanwhile, the globalists are pushing for a literal coup against the president. Political analyst Michael Snyder puts the puzzle pieces together to reveal to you what's really going that you're not being told.

John McCain’s Legacy Of Lies & Deception by debunkerbuster

Warmongering Traitor John McCain Has Brain Cancer- Oh Wow So Sad! - Everyone in the Media Now Pretends John McCain is a Nice Guy: You Sellouts - John McCain has been diagnosed with a brain tumor - Black Soul. McCain trashes President Trump just hours after brain cancer diagnosis - Alex Jones: I Will Pray For John McCain: