Sunday, March 5, 2017

Trump Tower Wiretapping Confirmed; Mark Levin Drops The Hammer on Fox News (REACTION)

Radio host and former chief of staff for Ronald Reagan’s Attorney General, Mark Levin, dropped the proverbial hammer on Fox and Friends in relation to the Trump Tower wiretapping. When Donald Trump released a fury of tweets about being wiretapped by Obama a couple of days ago, the mainstream media immediately went to defense mode. They said that his claim had no evidence. A spokesperson for Barack Obama said that his claims were patently false. Obama also released a legalese statement through Valerie Jarrett on Twitter relinquishing himself of any and all responsibility for anything that Trump was alluding to. Sean Hannity retorted to Jarrett with a hailstorm of tweets in which he stated many of the now-known facts that Mark Levin compiled and presented on Fox and Friends. 

Without getting too long-winded here, Levin basically confirmed what Trump had been tweeting about. He said that there had been two attempts by someone or some entity within the Obama administration to appeal to the FISA court to wiretap Trump Tower. On the first attempt which occurred in June of 2016, they were unsuccessful. The court said that there was not enough evidence. On the second attempt in October, access to Trump Tower was granted and the wiretapping began. The wiretap expired and there was nothing found, but Obama extended the powers of the NSA and other agencies close to the end of his term and the wiretapping continued.
FISA is an acronym that stands for Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. It was enacted into law in 1978. It’s purpose is to identify foreign agents/spies operating within the US who collude with their country of origin with the intended purpose of relaying back intelligence about the inner workings of the United States.

All of this means that Obama may have had a direct hand in the wiretap happening through manipulating the FISA act. If that’s the case, then this would all be improper and possibly illegal because the intent of obtaining the warrant could be to legitimize Trump’s campaign and then Presidency. This will certainly be a story to keep your eye on as it reveals a dark underbelly of United States politics that is the true face of “the swamp” that must be drained.