Sunday, March 5, 2017

Loretta Lynch Calls For Civil War In An Off The Rails Facebook Video (REACTION)

Former Attorney General has released a short, crazy video on Facebook in which she appears to call for civil war. She says that our “rights” as Americans appear to be trampled on and possibly even rolled back, so fighting in the streets for those rights may be necessary. She invoked periods of time where people “bled, fought, and died” for what they believe in. Which, of course, is an obvious call to arms to the active rioters that shield themselves as protesters who have been active recently at college campuses like Berkeley, where they attacked Trump supporters. At the end of Lynch’s video, it says “Democrats” so that’s clearly who the message is far. 

The video should be enough to get Loretta Lynch brought up on charges of inciting a riot. Never has there been such a blatant call to violence from a current or former public official before. Usually, they beat around the bush. They talk about fighting for what you believe in, doing the right thing, etc. Dog whistles. Never do they bring up blood and death in their talk. Her demeanor in the video was puzzling as well. She looked more worried than usual. Maybe someone put her up to making the video since she was not able to do that during the course of her short tenure as Attorney General, so she made up for it with a viral video? It’s difficult to tell, but whatever the case may be - she is way out of line and if no line in the sand is drawn here… these types of things will continue to happen.