Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Italy to Crack Down on Illegal Immigration Amid Out Of Control Migrant Crisis in Europe (REACTION)

Italy's national police chief Franco Gabrielli has sent a circular letter to the country’s police departments announcing a new “zero tolerance” policy toward illegal immigrants, including intensified checks and controls as well as expulsions of foreigners without residence permits. This announcement comes on the heels of several attacks across Europe, Turkey, the rest of the Middle East, and also the United States perpetuated by "migrants" in what could be considered a "choreographed" fashion. 

There was the large truck plowed through a group of innocent people at a Christmas market in Berlin, Germany. Many of them died. In the United States, a "migrant" drove a sedan into a crowd of people standing outside at Ohio State University before he got out and began to stab people. In Turkey, a man stormed a nightclub during a New Year's Eve celebration, shooting and killing many people in the process. ISIS has claimed responsibility for most, if not all, of these attacks.

Violence coming from these so-called "migrants" coming from the Muslim third world is nothing new to the world, especially not to Europe as of late. Conflicts in Muslim dominated countries like Syria have been used as an excuse to flood the shores of Europe with people from everywhere in the middle east, not just the countries in conflict. ISIS and other groups have said that they will be implanting people that mean their new host countries harm among refugees and migrants. They have obviously lived up to their claim.

Matteo Renzi has just been ousted as Prime Minister of Italy as of December 2016. Maybe, as a result, things will change in Italy as far as their apparent “migrant-friendly” policy. Germany has not had a change of leader, as their Chancellor Angela Merkel is there… but they also need a change of policy as does the rest of Western Europe. Or there will no longer be a Western Europe.