Friday, January 27, 2017

[Exposed] Voter fraud uncovered in every state

JANUARY 26, 2017

Following President Donald Trump’s declaration Wednesday that he is ordering an investigation into suspicions of widespread voter fraud, the mainstream media has been whipped into a frenzy.
Democratic lawmakers and media talking heads are foaming at the mouth, attacking Trump’s concerns as a debunked myth, a conspiracy theory, a rumor that is unsubstantiated and unfounded.
But they’re not being honest.
There is widespread voter fraud — and it’s happened in your state. The Horn News dug up the proof the media ignoring, and found examples of voter fraud convictions, election investigations, polling irregularities, dead voters, and, yes, entire elections decided by widespread voter fraud.
Here is one example from all 50 states in the union —
It has even decided elections — for example, the 1997 mayoral election in Miami was decided by voter fraud, according to The Los Angeles Times.
Is Trump right, and there’s millions of illegal votes deciding national elections? No one knows.
And that’s the problem. It is undeniable that voter fraud happens everywhere in America. It’s not something the media wants to admit, but it’s undeniable.
The good news is, there’s one simple way to put this all to rest to this debate.
One easy way to restore voter confidence in our election system.
Launch a nationwide investigation into these so-called “unsubstantiated” claims by Trump. If there’s no evidence, that’s great news!
If there is evidence, it’s time to take action.
But it is critical to the future of our democracy that the faith in our system be restored.
Only an investigation can do that.
— The Horn editorial team