Friday, January 27, 2017

Woman In Uppsala Sweden Gang Assaulted By Afghan Teenagers Live On Facebook (REACTION)

Three men, two of whom are from Afghanistan, brutally assaulted a woman for three hours on Facebook Live in Uppsala, Sweden. The third man is either from Iran or Afghanistan as well, but is a citizen of Sweden, unlike the other two who require a translator. According to reports from Swedish media, there was a party at an Uppsala apartment that got out of control. The woman in question was allegedly unconscious during the incident, so there could have been drug use involved. It’s not clear how she wound up in that state in the room with the men, but whatever the case may be, she was assaulted live on Facebook. However, the video was not public outside of a group. Police in Sweden are actually having a hard time obtaining this footage because it was deleted and they’d have to rely on individuals who recorded it and/or took screenshots.

This case is unfortunately nothing new for the citizens of Sweden. Especially for residents of Uppsala, who experienced another incident where Afghan teens were responsible. In that instance, the victim was Afghan as well… but he was also young boy. Truly barbaric behavior. Which is to be expected when people that come from barbaric third world countries are invited to advanced first world countries. Incompatible cultures. 

Which brings up another issue… the laws of Sweden. Another high-profile case in Sweden was recently dropped due to an inability to prove the crime. A wheelchair bound woman was gang assaulted in a “migration center” bathroom by six men, most likely from Pakistan or Afghanistan. Outrage spread across Sweden, but no conviction came as a result? Why? Maybe there wasn’t enough evidence, or maybe the laws are crafted in a way to give civilized the benefit of the doubt. That type of attitude can’t be afforded to barbaric individuals. Their countries punish them harshly for much more minor offenses with less evidence required. Sweden should do the same and also stem the tide of so-called “refugees” flooding into their country. Same goes for Germany, France, and UK.