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Did Donald Trump’s new ‘Space Force’ really ‘kill’ seven rogue CIA satellites?

Published on September 2, 2018
Did Donald Trump’s new ‘Space Force’ really ‘kill’ seven rogue CIA satellites last week?
Donald Trump recently warned the world (June 18, 2015) that America was to build a military space force. What really happened to seven CIA spy satellites on August 30, 2018?
As we reported (August 31, 2018) key CIA satellites were allegedly ‘taken out’ in a precision attack conducted by the US military.
These claims spawned from within the weirdest and fast-spreading story online – the ‘QAnon’ phenomenon. The ‘QAnon’ folk are claiming that a ‘star wars’ battle took place between Donald Trump (& US Military) versus the ‘Deep State’ (aided by the CIA).
At stake are all our national democracies versus the globalist vision of unelected, corporate one world government.
Check the QAnon ‘intel drops’ for yourselves. A site showing all the ‘proofs’ is at qproofs.comBut be warned – it is addictive!
Our story (Aug 31, 2018) covered the claims that the American military deliberately destroyed/disabled SEVEN CIA spy satellites allegedly being used for unlawful purposes. The word ‘treason’ is used copiously. Other sources seem to confirm this sensational story.
The Chicago Tribune in ‘Spy v Spy’ had warned us back in 2000:
“the CIA has indeed named its huge computers after the Seven Dwarfs — and for all I know has a slinky blond in its cloak-and-dagger Directorate of Operations code-named Snow White.”
On reading the astonishing ‘breadcrumbs’  (intel drop) from ‘Q’ – found at  https://qanon.app – QAnon followers have linked this ‘tactical strike’ to a de-classified US government space weapons project called ‘Horizon.’
They claim a link because ‘Q’ (military intel) had cryptically inserted the word ‘Horizon’ to accompany the announcement that  ‘Snow White’s ‘Seven Dwarfs’ (the CIA spy satellites) were no more!
In Principia Scientific international’s article last week our experts addressed the claims. Is this all a huge LARP or a  real, but sinister story the mainstream media is afraid to address?
Without doubt it is accepted that ‘Trump directs Pentagon to create military Space Force‘ (CBS News).
‘QAnon’ – dismissed last year as conspiracy theory nonsense is today a rapidly-growing online phenomenon entering the mainstream. It appears that ‘Q’ drops cryptic snippets of intel that are later proved true as events unfold in Washington DC and around the globe.




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