Wednesday, May 30, 2018

SOLO'S BOX OFFICE DISASTER: What the media won't acknowledge....

Story thanks to Trump is Right.

The clip here nails the real reasons the film flopped.

Essentially there was a huge boycott against the overt SJW politics injected into the franchise combined with poor storytelling. Many "mainstream" fans have become disinterested in going to see another substandard film. What they want is to go and see an ENJOYABLE film that does not punish them by insulting their intelligence and sensibilities.

While some people might appreciate the SJW messaging (while overlooking the abysmal storytelling) the vast majority of people were simply not going to buy into it.

Also, people who always saw the Star Wars films as comedy, and never took the franchise seriously, would not be too discerning when it came to the new films. The issue is that these people, which may include the "intellectually minded", are another small minority of the audience, and their views are not important when it comes to the general public's perspectives.

The bottom line is that Disney has lost many hundreds of millions of dollars by allowing inept and highly politicised individuals make the recent Star Wars films.

[Posted at the SpookyWeather blog, May 31st, 2018.]