Tuesday, November 14, 2017

They are BORG: Blue Check Mafia Liberals Attack Black Conservative on Twitter

I am a black conservative. An independent thinker. And a man. Some people (mostlyu those on the left) don’t seem to like those ideas too much. After I posted a couple of videos to my YouTube page criticizing the mainstream media - specifically the New York Times and MSNBC respectively - I got an onslaught of hatred and vitriol on Twitter. The tweets I received were not about those videos, so I can’t make that correlation with 100% certainty. Maybe it’s just a coincidence? Either way, I was attacked by quite a few “Blue Check” (verified) Twitter users who also happen to be leftists journalists. So it’s easy to add two and two and realize that it may have been more than one tweet they were focused on which started the whole thing. About four days ago, I tweeted that the mainstream media was all over the Roy Moore story but quiet on the stories of Charlie Sheen, Adam Venit, Kevin Spacey, etc. Most of the 100+ negative tweets I got in reaction to this statement were that the liberal media had broken all of the stories. They had heard them on NPR, NBC, CNN, etc… so my statement was false. Of course, they used much more colorful language than I. It led me to the conclusion that maybe many of the liberal media cannot read or struggle with the English language. The word “quiet” is what they kept focusing on. Maybe they think that word means “no sound at all” but it doesn’t… necessarily. In the context in which I used it, it represents low volume of sound. Meaning that some sound is there, but it’s difficult to hear. Especially when compared to the roar that is the mountain of coverage Roy Moore is getting. The surprising part about the situation was how many verified journalists with big followings dog-piled on me. It was an onslaught. Like they had all conversed about it before they did it. Some normies dropped in with a few racial digs as well. After about an hour or so going back and forth, I decided to go to bed. When I woke up, there were many more angry tweets against me. All that did was let me know I did the right thing by leaving the left. Never have I seen so much anger and vitriol over a simple tweet. I encourage them to keep it up so I can continue to expose their behavior. Which will help us on the right win yet again in 2020 and beyond.