Saturday, June 3, 2017

Pittsburgh reacts to Trump's Paris Climate Accord remarks

Editor's Note: I live in PA near the Ohio border just a little ways from Youngstown, OH. On the local talk radio in Youngstown, which the President also mentioned, the host and a caller I heard were proud their city was brought up in the speech and were in full support of pulling out of the Paris Accord. The host stated that the Accord was an obvious bad deal and that average working people were going to see this for what it was on the Mayor's part; playing politics, being hyper-partisan, not caring about the people but about his party.

garrett wood 1 hour ago
I live in Pittsburgh. Mayor Peduto is a joke. Look at the 7 counties around the city. ALL voted Trump avg. 70% by the way. Why my mayor? Because just outside his safe zone bubble, Unemployment rate 8-10% & out of workforce reality is 35% or more in the 7 surrounding counties. MAJOR Population decline for 4th Straight year and public assistance doubled since Peduto took office. Mr Mayor may I ask what fantasy land you live in? Where you get off thinking you speak for Pittsburgh? This Paris agreement is a BAD DEAL. Take those billions that would have been squandered by drug lords and UN bankers and invest it in places like Pittsburgh where job loss in Manufacturing crippled this town and surrounding areas. These Dems, their dogma and backwords ideology put areas like metro Pittsburgh on the verge of an opioid epidemic, like Ohio, as the factories shut down & Obama pledges money to overseas countries that just took those manufacturing jobs??? What is wrong with these people? We are fighting back in Pittsburgh and support Trump.

Trump is Right to Pull Out of the Paris Climate Accord: