Saturday, June 24, 2017

Muslims Just Bought Land In PA For ‘Learning’ – People Horrified To See What They’re REALLY Using It For

Muslims Just Bought Land In PA For ‘Learning’ – People Horrified To See What They’re REALLY Using It For

There is a battle already raging for the of our country that we cannot afford to lose. We are not only battling the progressive left but we also the influx of Muslims into the country. Thanks to Barack Obama’s insane policies he has allowed dangerous Muslim refugees to enter the country under the guise of being tolerant. What makes matters even worse is that these Muslims are now purchasing property across America. We have already discovered that many of these land purchases being made are used for nefarious purposes. For instance, a recent report has surfaced that showed Muslim enclaves being erected across the country.

These enclaves are ruled by Sharia law and are in nine different states across America. These states are Alaska, California, New York, Texas, Michigan, Virginia, South Carolina, Georgia, and Tennessee. Now, it is quite possible that the state of Pennsylvania may be entered on the list.

The residents of Pennsylvania are in shock after what just took place in their state. An Islamic group from New Jersey has placed a winning bid on a 145-acre property in Pennsylvania. The group that purchased the property is called Hira Educational Services of North America and it is an Islamic educational consulting firm.Now, the residents of Shenango Township are pretty upset over this purchase and rightfully so. The land in question was originally priced at $17 million and then was dropped to $3 million. That is a far cry from its original price, and we are not even done yet. When the property was finally sold to the Islamic consulting group it was for the low price $400,000.

Of course, you can see why the residents and Lawrence County Commissioners are confused and upset by the acquisition.Earlier this month, Shenango Township supervisors penned a letter to Pennsylvania’s Department of General Services Bureau of Real Estate voicing their concerns. The letter asked for more information about who bought the property and of course what their intentions are for it.“We really have no knowledge on who the bidders are, (or) what their plans are,” said County Commissioner Dan Vogler, according to The Daily Caller.

And, now the residents are also concerned that there was possible collusion in the purchasing of the property. A man who was identified as a bidder on the property is named Muhammad Asif Kunwar. However, while he was listed as a single bidder on the property he is also named as the president and CEO of Hira.

According to Newcastle News, Kunwar placed a minimum bid under his personal name in the amount of $300,000. However, then placed the winning bid under the name of Hira in the amount of $400,000, after a Sumner McDanel placed a bid of $305,000. Also, Kunwar signed he had submitted under his personal name but has not signed the bid under the Hira bid.And, that is not all that is concerning about the mysterious group. The group is listed as a consulting firm and they say that they help schools get educational aids. Their website claims that they have helped 200 different Islamic organizations across the Untied States. They also claim to provide “strategic planning, board development, capital campaigns, recruitment searches, and executive coaching.”

But what makes this consulting firm even more interesting is that it only employs two people. Now, how in the world does a consulting firm run with only two employees and need all that space is beyond me. Oh, but we are just getting started folks.

After a further investigation into the group, it discovered that they do not have one listed source of revenue and no recorded assets. Also, this raises the question of where is the money coming from? When you search the website you find numerous broken links and no one can be reached fro questions, including Kunwar.

Since no one can be reached at the consulting firm the residents of Pennsylvania are wondering if this will be another Jihad training camp. 

I can honestly see why they would think that. The entire purchase of the land is highly suspicious and no one can get ahold of the Kunwar to ask any questions. We already have enough issues in this country that we do not need another Jihad training camp in our backyard. In my opinion, they should just cancel the sale and start over with a real estate agent handling the selling process.

I cannot even believe that this is happening in our country. Considering the recent acts of terrorism overseas we should not have anyone making this sort of purchase that is Muslim. We need to protect our country and our citizens and not allow these people to potentially train more jihadists to kill Americans on our own soil.

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