Thursday, June 8, 2017

Democratic Ticket Is Too Blemished For Words - Trump Mafia: Why America is tired of Boring Loser Dems & their failed UnAmerican 'resistance'

FIRE ANGEL32 minutes ago
I believe many voters were taking note of this impeachment fiasco...all democrat & republican law makers need to stop grand standing & get to work...Repeal obamacare, get the tax codes going & do your jobs ... you waste more time & money on stupid hearsay & you dems are good @ working yourselves up into a frenzy....American people deserve buckle down, get serious & make our country great again!

Barbara Perry1 hour ago
You are Correct Natasha.......the Dems don't see themselves as we do out here in reality........they have destroyed what was left of them with hillary leading the " Charge " .....they have no message except Hate and destroying the 1.2,3 & 4. ammendments......