Thursday, June 22, 2017

BREAKING: Safety Warning Issued To All Trump Voters. This Is Serious. - Breaking: Sean Hannity Exposes Democrat Plan To Trigger Martial Law - Democrats Are Angry Because Their Plans To Overthrow Trump Have Leaked

BREAKING: Safety Warning Issued To All Trump Voters. This Is Serious.

The Left, with all its hateful rhetoric and radical brainwashing, has unleashed a menace in our society that even moderate Democrats are now worried about: crazed “ANTIFA” terrorists who use violence to advance their political agenda.ANTIFA is dedicated to destroying President Trump–and harming anyone who supports him. Now they’ve taken things to a much more dangerous level, launching a website in which they explicitly call for violence against Donald Trump supporters.

The website, titled “It’s Going Down,” openly promotes violence against anyone who disagrees with ANTIFA political views (via FOX News). ANTIFA is short for “Anti-Fascist.” For ANTIFA, a fascist is any conservative.One of the more alarming elements of the website is a picture depicting a Trump supporter being threatened with a bayonet. Behind the Trump supporter is a silhouette of a Nazi. The image features the words “We beat ’em before…we’ll beat ’em again!”By equating Trump supporters with Nazis, ANTIFA dehumanizes anyone who supports the President. In this way, they don’t think twice about inflicting the most inhumane violence against us.

The site goes on to provide Leftists with downloadable guides on resisting “fascism.” There are tutorials on organizing mass resistance and on using military tactics against law enforcement. They’re out to unravel society.ANTIFA members, who are very active on social media, are being radicalized by this website–putting the things they learn into practice. All across the country, there are examples of ANTIFA violently assaulting innocent people.

Just a few days ago, ANTIFA attacked Trump supporters at Evergreen State College in Washington state, Trump supporters who were peacefully protesting white students and faculty being blocked from campus.

There’s also the case of an ANTIFA protester in Pennsylvania who stabbed a police horse with a flag pole that had a nail affixed to it. Rightfully, she was taken into custody. Her fellow ANTIFA brethren called her a “political prisoner.”Then there are the famous incidents at the University of California, Berkeley. ANTIFA activities there have gotten so intense that there is a high-security risk whenever an invitation is extended to a conservative speaker. These rabble-rousers hate free speech with a passion! Some of the Berkeley ANTIFA even attacked people with bike locks!This is the incendiary climate the Left has created. The more extreme faction of the Democrat party is overjoyed. They have their army of terrorists intimidating their political opposition. The Dems get to keep their hands clean because ANTIFA supposedly has no central leadership. As always, these terrorists are “lone wolves.”

However, more moderate Democrats are just as concerned about this violence as conservatives. Especially because the far-Left no longer tolerates moderates. They’ve taken on a new policy of “join us or die!”Ultimately, this will help our cause. More and more regular Americans are getting fed up with Progressivism. Still, it’s up to President Trump and other political leaders to crack down on ANTIFA. We can’t have anarchists running around threatening innocent people. Lock ’em away in the big house and throw away the key!