Saturday, June 10, 2017

Anti-Sharia LAW March Spun By Propaganda - SHARIA LAW Has Completely Taken Over Dearborn, Michigan - TUCKER CARLSON'S STUNNING REACTION TO "TAXPAYER-Funded Muslim Safe Spaces"

Wicked Notes 4 hours ago
She won 4 gold medals in the oppression olympics.

Riley Mikesel l18 minutes ago
Wicked Notes black queer Muslim and retarded

Eric Redelman13 minutes ago Riley Mikesell
retarded people everywhere are offended

Rock Shoulder 3 hours ago
Black queer muslim? Better stay in America if you want to keep your head attached to your body.

Raymon Blodgett 4 hours ago
Hi,, I am black and I converted to Islam 2 years ago. Oh great just what we need a liberal black feminist lesbian Muslim. Give me a break... what a dumb ass. The left just keeps sinking deeper and deeper.

jimmycrackcornss 2 hours ago
What a joke.........A black queer Muslim? Wow....... she's got all the bases covered........... black (racist)...... gay (homophobic)....... woman (sexist)....... And last but not least......... Muslim (islamaphobic)......... You can't win with this lefty.

LEE 4 hours ago
Stupid woman, safe space, its called Saudi Arabia

Maria Rodriguez 25 minutes ago
Not so much if you are gay . She is .

2WorldWar 22 hours ago
Queer Muslim? Off a building you go.

Rationalist Society 3 hours ago
I live in Victoria. It's fucking sad that the world is being taken to the dark ages by one backward ideology