Monday, May 8, 2017

Marine Le Pen Loses French Election to Emmanuel Macron, Has France Died?

Marine Le Pen has lost the French Election to Emmanuel Macron. This could signify the beginning of the end of France as once known … or maybe it is just a signifier of what France has become already. 

Le Pen is categorized as a “far right” politician in France while Macron is labeled a “centrist.” European politics are different than American politics even though they share many similarities, so these labels aren’t quite what they appear to be. While the labels may be accurate in Europe, they are inaccurate when translated into American politics. Macron is a centrist in France but more like a far leftists in the United States. Le Pen is far-right in France but more of a centrist in the U.S. 

Their designations are important because it tells a big part of the story as far as what type of policies they will both promote. Marine Le Pen was the candidate of anti-open-borders, anti-Islam, pro-France, and anti-EU. Emmanuel Macron is essentially the opposite. If Le Pen would have won, that would most certainly mean France would leave the EU. But since Macron has won, France will most certainly remain. At least for now.

This election has been one that has been watched by many people all over the world. France leaving the European Union could spell the end of it since the UK has already left. That’s two superpowers out of the picture with basically only Germany being the last superpower remaining. The EU may still collapse, but it’s been delayed. In the meantime, the Islamic invasion of Europe and France specifically will most likely continue.