Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Insider: Trump Must Reject The Establishment With FBI Pick

CarmineFragione 2 hours ago
It is not the Republicans facing oblivion, it is the Democrats. The Democrats are freaking out. They lost the House. They lost the Senate. They lost the Presidency. They are losing their friends in the Bureaucracy of the Federal Government. They lost the Governors of the States. What is next for them ? Jail for Hillary, and revelations about murder for hire to repay Seth Rich for the leaking of emails of Podesta to Wikileaks. ? So they are punching hard to attempt to equivocate some crime of the Trump camp, because they are looking for a softer landing when the paydirt hits again, and Hillary , Obama and many others are exposed, as the protective onion layers of the bureaucracy is peeled away and there is no more covering for their misdeeds. It could mean the literal end of the DNC. So then what ? One faction of the DNC will move for a Socialist platform, but look at Venezuela ? Another faction of the DNC will look into the Republican stronghold to try to carve out moderates for a more liberal slant at the same issues that the Republicans are dealing with anyway. The DNC is a coalition of rag tag special interest groups that have lost their magnetism, and literally are dissolving into isolation , the sense of the union that the DNC offered will be gone. The Blue Dog Democrats will join the Republicans and try to create a centrist party, and then the nation could see four or five parties, not two. However, if the Republicans support Donald Trump and make good policy stick , then the GOP will dominate the Nation for generations. As always some other new cases of corruption will occur and any single party domination or hegemony will always break up into two or more factions that become a new party. When the Nation began it was the Federalists , and they began with the Alien and Sedition Act , to limit the voting power of residents in the land , based on a minimum of fourteen years , to equal the same sense as born in the land, to be a voter, and then it was only men , not women. So the Democrat / Republicans laid waste to the Federalists , and then the Civil War broke the Republicans from the Democrats.