Thursday, May 11, 2017

German Migrant Throws Woman Out Window for Refusing Advances, Says Life ‘Unfair’

A man being described as an “asylum seeker” in Germany has been arrested after throwing a woman out of a window, resulting in her suffering two broken legs, after he reportedly got drunk at a refugee center in Bensheim and became enraged when the woman refused his sexual advances.
Dawit A., age 34, is accused of hurling 26-year-old Tirhas out of a window, where she fell 15 feet onto the concrete below. Tirhas describes how Dawit had been drinking beer and vodka before demanding that she lie down so he could engage in intercourse with her.
Standing on crutches to give evidence, she told the court: ‘I shouted “Please let me out of here.” He demanded to know if I had another man. ‘He threatened me with a broken bottle, wanted to stab me in the belly. He wanted sex, said I should lie down.
‘When I kept saying “no”, he raised me up like a child, carried me to the window and dropped me.’
 She plunged nearly 15ft, breaking both legs and spent 16 days in hospital. She added: ‘He not only broke both my legs, but also my spirit.’
 Dawit A. cried in the dock, claimed he was sitting in prison on remand for ‘no reason’ and that life had been unfair to him ever since he arrived in Germany in 2014.
 But the court heard that is he also being investigated for harassing another woman and sexually assaulted a 17-year-old girl.
 Dawit is facing up to five years behind bars for grievous bodily harm, threats, coercion, sexual coercion and deprivation of liberty if found guilty.
The trial will conclude next week.
Shockingly, Dawit cried as he sat in prison after physically harming a women for refusing to have sex with him, claiming that “life had been unfair to him” after arriving in Germany in 2014.
Apparently free housing, food and acts of charity on behalf of the German people for the past 3 years is considered “unfair” in the eyes of Dawit, who obviously has a very distorted view of how the world works.
If Dawit is indeed a refugee fleeing for his life from the “horrors of war” in his home country, you would think being able to live a life of peace (while clearly drinking to his heart’s content) and having your every need tended to by the German government would be a vast improvement, much appreciated on the part of the refugees.
However, it appears that absent a constant supply of women in which to freely have sex with on demand, with no objections on the part of the women, some migrants consider their life extremely “unfair”.
I can’t help but wonder how long it will be until advocates of open borders and mass migration will come to Dawit’s defense, claiming it wasn’t his fault and Germany’s people deserve the blame for not being more tolerant. Better yet, the media may even find a way to blame Donald Trump for this refugee’s violent, disgusting behavior, claiming he was distressed and frightened by the result of America’s election.
If that sounds too far fetched to actually happen, consider that a woman is currently suing Donald Trump for “loss of enjoyment in life”, seeking $1 billion in damages, claiming that because Trump became president, she is so consumed by depression that she can no longer enjoy any life activities.
Rossi Wade, formerly of Plymouth and now of the City of Presidents, recently filed a lawsuit in U.S. District Court in Boston against the United States government and Trump, accusing the commander in chief of discrimination, mental anguish, and mental cruelty against her. The lawsuit additionally states that she suffered a loss of enjoyment of life and emotional damage. 
Yes, that is a case that will be hitting the courts very soon, a woman suing the President of the United States because she does not have the mental capacity to get over her chosen candidate not winning the election. And liberal’s wonder where the term “precious snowflake” came from?
Considering the current insanity spewing from the angry anti-Trump fanatics, it would not longer shock me if every leftist soon blames Trump for their crimes or life problems…and some would likely win their cases if they got in front of the right liberal, lawless judge.