Friday, May 12, 2017

Donald Trump’s Epic Retweet Destroys Leftist Narrative

It’s no secret that Donald Trump has utilized Twitter and other social media platforms to successfully bypass the media’s skewed narratives, and a simple retweet by the president again hits home to dispel many of the mainstream media’s myths about his voters.
Brunell Donald-Kyei, author, attorney, member of the United States Supreme Court Bar and a previous candidate who ran as a Democratic Lt. Governor of Illinois shows just diverse Trump’s support really is. Kyei, who by all mainstream media measures should have enthusiastically voted for Hillary Clinton, tweeted a picture of herself wearing Trump’s iconic “Make America Great Again” hat along with the reasons why she chose Trump.
Kyei’s message as to why she voted for Trump had nothing to do with race, color or religion, all factors which have been made into political weapons by the Democrats, but rather she made her decision based on actual policies. Jobs being shipped overseas, failing school and open borders were her stated priorities.
As her tweet made its rounds across social media as a prime example of how wrong the mainstream media’s classification of Trump voters has been, it seems to have caught the attention of President Trump himself, as only a few days he retweeted her comments.
I thought about jobs that went overseas failing schools open borders not my skin color when I voted @realDonaldTrump! I am a Proud American!
Although the typical anti-Trump Twitter trolls made their generic anti-Trump comments, the vast majority of responses were extremely positive. Here are a few particularly poignant tweets that also destroyed the leftist’s racist narrative.

Sadly, if Kyei had made an anti-Trump tweet that went along with the media’s narrative, she would probably be making the rounds on various liberal news shows at this point. However, no matter how suppressive the media has become, they cannot stop voters from learning facts and the truth on social media.