Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Anthony Brian Logan: Who Killed Seth Rich? Conversation Re-Ignited By Private Investigator Rod Wheeler. My Thoughts

Former DNC staffer Seth Rich is back in the news again after his untimely death last year near his home in Washington DC. The police ruled it a robbery even though there were no items taken from his person such as his wallet and cell phone. His death happened when WikiLeaks emails were dropping left and right during the campaign cycle. Julian Assange, the main man behind WikiLeaks, gave an interview to a Dutch news program called “Nieuwsurr” in which he gave a hint that the 27 year old man shot in DC may have lost his life due to being a leaker, even though he expressly did not say that. This sparked a major controversy because people accused the Clinton Campaign of having Seth Rich killed due to leaking emails that damaged the Democrat Party.

Rod Wheeler, the private investigator and former homicide detective who was hired to look into the case, made an appearance on Fox News recently to speak about the case. Information was then revealed that may have not been known to the general public before. The first bombshell dropped was that Seth Rich had an issue with a particular person at the DNC and that same person called the Rich family to tell them to stop snooping around after they acquired the private investigator. It was also revealed, not by Wheeler, that Seth Rich may have leaked up to 44,000 emails to WikiLeaks from the DNC. There have also been reports of Seth Rich being disgruntled at the DNC for their unfair treatment of Bernie Sanders which was seen by many as a way to unfairly get Hillary Clinton out of the primary cycle as the DNC’s Presidential nominee.

The Rich family’s spokesperson, a man named Brad Bauman released a statement on behalf of the family in an attempt to squash all of the latest news and rumors as false allegations. In the statement it also says that Rod Wheeler was under an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) and that he was violating that by speaking to the press. Which could be seen as a friendly reminder or a veiled threat against Wheeler to keep quiet. It is not clear if Bauman was hired directly by Seth Rich’s family or if he was installed by a higher power (DNC official?) to speak for the family so they keep quiet. Either way, it’s a big story with a lot of legs that did not get the necessary attention it deserved. It’s been alleged the the police and FBI have been told to stand down by higher powers and not pursue this case, so maybe it’s up to other people to outside of the purview of the federal government pursue it for them.