Monday, April 3, 2017

YouTube Won Donald Trump The Election And The "Mainstream" Media Is Triggered About It

YouTube and social media in general are the sole reasons why Donald Trump won the 2016 Presidential Election, and many in the “mainstream media” are upset about it. Jack Nicas of the Wall Street Journal is the apparent face of said anger. His bragging and boasting about attacking PewDiePie in addition to his trolling of Keemstar on Twitter about all of the brands that have pulled away from YouTube and Google’s ad service Adsense make that assertion crystal clear. Jack appears to be an anti-Trumper who is using his position to attack anything that goes against his own personal narrative. Possibly the narrative that his presumably liberal coworkers have in common.

He is one of the many gatekeepers of the dying format known as the mainstream media. Maybe he’s gone to college for an extended period of time to learn his craft and is now upset that upstart YouTubers with no journalistic experience at all are gaining all of the attention. All of the accolades. All of the impact. Receiving all of the adulation that they desire for themselves. What will a defeated man do with no other alternative? Maybe he will attempt to destroy the whole world to save that which is failing anyway, a dead-end career in mainstream media.

Nothing the mainstream media attempts to do will stop what has already been set in motion. Their end is nigh. On-demand FREE media that can cater to a variety of different people is obviously the better choice than a small handful of extremely biased and non-user-friendly platforms that costs money to view. Even the Wall Street Journal’s basic articles cost a premium to view. The free market is speaking and the lamestream media is weeping. The assault on PewDiePie, JonTron, Donald Trump, and YouTube/Google’s Adsense is their final gasp of breath underneath a sinking ship. The ship will eventually sink and their careers will be done, then we can move forward into a better, less biased and controlled, future.