Friday, April 7, 2017

US Naval Group Strikes Syrian Airfield with Tomahawk Missiles: A Stupid Provocation


One interesting observation about the attack. The US warned the Russians before they carried out the attacks. This would have given time for them to alert the Syrians too. Rex Tillerson also stated that the US policy in Syria wasn't changing either - that they are not targeting Assad. 

The big problem with what has happened is that the rebels will simply keep using chemical weapons to draw the US into the war. The 'best' thing that can happen is for both Russia and China to massively deploy ground and air forces into Syria in order to end the war within the next 6 months. 

[3 dimensional chess thoughts: Trump, if he is not actually captured by neocons, may have launched the attack for two non-obvious reasons - to show he is 'not a puppet' of Putin, and that he is serious about attacking North Korea, in order to get real change and influence on China. The more crazy Trump seems the more he can get done, despite the attack in Syria being illegal.]

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