Saturday, April 15, 2017

'Drugged': Path to sobriety - is opioid addiction curable?

Note: CBD does not get you high.

Mandi Thompson10 hours ago

He needs to educate on CBD Canabidiol, which is now legal in 50 states. It could help him.

LSG9 hours ago
The FDA approved a new more powerful opioid pill called Zohydro. Meanwhile, Cannabis which is not physically addictive and impossible to overdose on is still a Schedule 1 illegal drug. The biggest financiers of the anti-legalization movement are Big Pharma, Police, Private Prisons and Alcohol companies. It must just be a coincidence that they also stand to lose a lot of money if cannabis became legal...

Matthew10 hours ago

I know how to solve the problem! Let's keep jailing people for harmless marijuana! Nailed it, right Jeff Sessions?