Sunday, March 19, 2017

Wall Street’s Feminist ‘Fearless Girl’ Statue Makes America Great Again


The recently placed “Fearless Girl” statue on Wall Street donned President Trump’s iconic “Make America Great Again” hat last week while a large American Flag was held in the background, prompting many in the liberal media outlets to condemn the action.
For those unaware of this statue’s brief history, it was installed earlier in March as a symbol of diversity in the workplace by State Street Global Advisors, a massive international asset managing company.  The girl faces Wall Street’s legendary “Bull” statue, which of course represents a profitable “bull market”.
The Fearless Girl statue portrays a young women staring defiantly at the Bull with her hands on her hips, meant to show a strong female standing up to what was once considered a man’s industry.  The statue has also become something of a “feminist” icon.
A bronze statue of a defiant child was placed Tuesday morning directly in front of the iconic Wall Street charging bull to send a powerful message about gender ­diversity in the workplace.
It was installed by State Street Global Advisors — the world’s third largest asset manager — in anticipation of ­International Women’s Day and a campaign the firm is kicking off to implore more than 3,500 companies it works with to hire more ­female employees.
The statue depicts the kid in a dress and sneakers, standing firmly with her hands on her hips, looking up with a proud and strong expression.
In addition to the statue, State Street said it would use its power as a $2.5 trillion investor to press the boards of corporations in which they hold stock to include more women.
A spokesman for the company said, “She stands as a reminder… that having more women in leadership positions can lead to increased performance and a stronger economy.”
Last week pictures emerged of the Fearless Girl wearing a Trump “Make America Great Again” hat, which was reportedly placed by members of the online forum 4chan to sabotage the feminist’s idol.
Savvy Internet sleuths from 4chan also sabotaged Shia LeBeouf’s anti-Trump project, for the third time, earlier this month when they discovered the location of his hidden flagpole.  Shia’s flag displayed his anti-Trump message of  “He Will Not Divide Us” and was broadcast live with a webcam.  4chan members tracked down the flag’s location, took it down and replaced it with a Trump MAGA hat and shirt.
Now, more pictures have emerged of a woman posing with the Fearless Girl, who is again wearing a MAGA hat, while two men hold a giant American flag in the background.
It seems no matter how many anti-Trump, feminist or leftist landmarks get placed, online Trump fans will always find a way to make them great again.
Prior to these pictures taking place, outrage in the feminist world ensued from what appears to be a Wall Street worker, or perhaps just an intoxicated pedestrian, getting behind the Fearless Girl and humping her, while his friends looked on and laughed.  Clearly this enraged prominent feminists, who promptly condemned the action.
Kaloyanides had this to say during an interview with Inside Edition:
“This is just further perpetuating a mentality of ‘boys will be boys,’ and that ‘it’s okay, it’s a joke, just brush it off,’” she said. “This young man likely has a mother, a sister perhaps, a girlfriend, a wife — who knows? I’m getting tired of making excuses and laughing it off. I for one am not gonna laugh it off anymore.”
I wonder which is more offensive to a extreme leftist feminist, the Fearless Girl wearing a Trump hat representing American pride or a random man in a suit humping her on camera?