Thursday, March 23, 2017

14 Year Old Girl Assaulted in High School Bathroom By Illegal Immigrants in Rockville Md. (REACTION)

A 14 year old girl was recently sexually assaulted in Rockville Maryland at her high school in a bathroom by two illegal immigrants that claimed to be 17 and 18, respectively. The two men/boys involved came from Central America - Honduras and El Salvador. One of them were actually questioned at the Rio Grande near the border in Texas on whether or not they were legal. The person in question actually had what equates to a court date to resolve that matter, but never showed up and made his way to Maryland instead. All student aged people must be given an education in the public school systems of the United States, whether they are here illegally or legally. Which is why the illegals were in high school as freshmen in Rockville. However, the law does not require a school to fail to disclose whether a person is illegal or not which is a different story. 

Maryland is the richest state in the nation and arguably, the most liberal state in the nation as well. Washington DC is essentially the focus of Maryland’s economy which is largely based on the federal money that comes into DC and is spread out in the surrounding metropolitan areas that include much of Maryland and Northern Virginia. Due to it’s location, Rockville has a very high per-capita and household income while at the same time having a serious issue with liberal politics. Rockville nor the county it seats which is Montgomery County have declared themselves to be “sanctuary cities” but in essence, they behave as such. 

Zeke Cohen, a politician from Baltimore, had a debate slash interview with Tucker Carlson on Fox News and he basically laid out the immigration policy of Maryland. He says that ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) should not deport individuals that have not been charged with a serious crime. If ICE were to follow that directive from that particular individual, then they would be allowing him to write the law rather than following the actual laws that are on the books which is their actual job. Therefore, MoCo, Baltimore, Prince George’s, and every other place in Maryland that behaves this way is “sanctuary” for illegals. This stance wins votes for guys like Cohen from his uber-liberal constituents, but the cost is laid at the feet of victims of crime and displacement in poor areas like West and East Baltimore. Parents of children that attend Rockville High School have expressed their concerns about thought patterns that men like Zeke Cohen and the Montgomery County Schools Superintendent Jack Smith both have. All of the concerned parents basically have said that liberal virtue-signalling for illegal immigrants must not come at the expense of the safety of Americans, especially children.