Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Kellyanne Conway Sits On A Couch In The Oval Office and Liberals Pitch a Fit (REACTION)

Kellyanne Conway made a stir at the oval office because she sat on her couch with her feet under her body. That’s right, folks. Out of all the stories in the world to cover, out of all the things in the world the left and many other individuals in general could be upset about… proper posture on a couch is what has been chosen. The situation is pretty simple. Donald Trump was having a photo-op with leaders of HBCUs before they were to meet with Mike Pence to discuss the latest executive order, which places the White House Initiative for Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) back into the hands of the White House rather than the Department of Education. Kellyanne Conway was taking pictures of her own with her cellphone while sitting on the couch and decided to sit back and review the photos with her phone. At this point, a curious photographer took a picture of her, and other people in the background before they were set. The regressive portion of the internet has had a fit as a result.

Usually when people are upset with Kellyanne Conway, it’s something more politically-based that they blow out of proportion. Like the “alternative facts” comment being turned around in an attempt to allude to Donald Trump being a liar, then her joking comments about Ivanka Trump’s clothing line being turned into a conflict of interest and a possible quid-pro-quo investigation. But now, it seems to be more personal. People online are attacking her in a different and more intimate way. Why? The logical guess is because of jealousy and covetous.

These individuals online are covetous of the sex appeal that Kellyanne Conway has. Yes. Even at 50 years old with 4 children, she is much more attractive than the majority of the blue-haired hooligans who are outraged online. That goes for the women, of course. As for the men, their issue is that women like Kellyanne Conway do not respect them nor would they come within a mile of them. So then they attack her for being comfortable in her own femininity. Which may be part of the reason why they love Islam so much. What better way to express your own insecurity with not being able to handle femininity and lack of masculinity than to engage with an ideology that appears to shore up those two problems in a powerful way?