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Accusing Kevin Spacey is bad for your health?

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SECOND Kevin Spacey Accuser Dies in Midst of Assault Lawsuit Against Actor
Jim Hoft by Jim Hoft September 18, 2019 182 Comments
Kevin Spacey and Harvey Weinstein
The first acccuser of Kevin Spacey was mowed down by a Toyota as she stepped into a busy intersection in February.
The driver was not charged.

The news first broke in May.
Radar Online reported:
The first whistleblower to go public with allegations branding shameless Kevin SpaceyOpens a New Window. a sexual predator is dead — and her grieving family is demanding answers!
Now, in a world exclusive, can reveal investigators have launched a murder probe into Linda Culkin’s mysterious death, while 59-year-old Spacey faces a felony charge of indecent assault and battery for allegedly groping a young man in Nantucket, Mass., in 2016.
On Feb. 25, Culkin was walking to her home when she was mowed down by a Toyota as she stepped into a busy intersection, Quincy Police Capt. John Dougan told Radar.
Now this…
The second Kevin Spacey accuser died recently in the midst of his sexual assault lawsuit.
Via The Hollywood Reporter:
The massage therapist was allowed to proceed anonymously in the case. No details yet on the circumstances of death.
An anonymous massage therapist who claims to have been sexually assaulted by Kevin Spacey has died, according to a notice filed in court by the actor’s attorneys.
The individual, suing as a “John Doe,” filed claims in September 2018 with the allegation of being forced to grab the actor’s genitals twice during a massage two years earlier at a private residence in Malibu. In May, a federal judge in California allowed the case to move forward despite Spacey’s objection that the plaintiff’s identity was being shielded.
Now, just a month after the parties came to a plan for proceeding in the suit that detailed prospective discovery and envisioned a seven- to 11-day trial, the plaintiff’s attorney has informed Spacey that the client “recently passed.”
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