Thursday, March 21, 2019

President Trump Touts Manufacturing Growth at Lima Tank Plant

President Trump Touts Manufacturing Growth at Lima Tank Plant

“Donald Trump made the 10th visit of his presidency to Ohio on Wednesday to showcase manufacturing growth at a Lima tank plant and announce 400 more jobs coming to the plant”—the last American tank factory in operation, Max Filby reports for Dayton Daily News. The plant’s workforce had declined to around 75 people after the Obama Administration’s attempts to shutter it. Soon, it will employ about 1,000.

“It really pumps you up to hear the commander-in-chief say what a good job you’re doing,” one employee said. “It’s a lot better [at the plant] now than it was a few years ago.”

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“President Trump is expected to issue an executive order Thursday directing federal agencies to tie research and education grants made to colleges and universities to more aggressive enforcement of the First Amendment,” Michelle Hackman reports in The Wall Street Journal. “The order instructs agencies including the Departments of Education, Health and Human Services and Defense to ensure that public educational institutions comply with the First Amendment, and that private institutions live up to their own stated free-speech standards.”
In the Detroit Free Press, Phoebe Wall Howard reports that Ford is investing $900 million into its Flat Rock Assembly Plant in Michigan, adding about 900 new jobs during the next four years. President Trump called the move “great news,” tweeting that “companies are pouring back into the United States - they want to be where the action is!”
“The e-cigarette craze among teenagers has become an epidemic. We agree with those who believe that e-cigarettes may offer a lower-risk alternative for adult smokers who still want access to nicotine. But the continued availability of this opportunity to adults is being endangered by the e-cigarette industry’s slowness to address the dangers its products pose to teens,” Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar and FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb write in The Washington Post.
“No matter how hard Congress tries to ignore, deny and dodge reality, we have a humanitarian, security and enforcement crisis at the border,” Kimberly Guilfoyle writes in The Daily Caller. “Illegal immigrant apprehensions on our southern border are at the highest level in a decade. But even that statistic doesn’t tell the whole story.”