Thursday, October 25, 2018

Marvel Actors Please Shut Up (A Rant)

Marvel Actors Please Shut Up (A Rant)

Getting into politics can tank a movie Franchise faster than the Titanic. Have they learned nothing from Star Wars!? I remember when Kurt Russel was doing an interview for the hateful eight. The Damn entertainment journalist kept pressing him on political issues. And, he didn't want to talk about it first. He finally gave in after he,was pestered enough. Jesus man everything does not need to be about politics.

You know, I kinda wanna see an amazing artist, draw a fanart of Captain America (with Chris Evans face), and Captain Marvel (with Brie Larson face) shaking the hand and posing for a photo with President Donald Trump :D And I wanna see it go viral, and I wanna see the reaction of those actors.

Victor Von Doom Jr.
Captain America will be demoted to Sergeant Soy.

Get Woke Go Broke
Marvel actors are Woke ! Now it's time they Go Broke !

Oliver Cromwell
Chris Evans is advocating for genocide against free thinkers...

Todd Smith
What history Chris is talking about that the Dems created the KKK?I think Chris don’t know anything about history himself 🤔

B O Y C O T T. There's no other solution. Hollywood needs to die, at least in some markets.