Friday, August 31, 2018

German Mom Realizes Multiculturalism Does Not Work "Only 2 of 25 Kids Speak German" (REACTION) - Multiethnic Societies Can Flourish, but Multicultural Societies Will Collapse

German Mom Realizes Multiculturalism Does Not Work "Only 2 of 25 Kids Speak German" (REACTION)

Multiculturalism is a stupid thing to force, it only creates conflict, always has and always will. if you manipulate it and force it you will cause massive culture shocks which I'm sure the left will capitalize on as it is their only platform in which they exist. can you imagine the number of domestic resources the left will demand from the tax-payers to educate people who are even illiterate in their own language? this is a socioeconomic disaster, but when did the left or government teachers unions ever care about the resources they extract from the hands that feed them? they only want to build more government extraction of resources which should be coined as "extractionism" or milking until the teet runs dry. not only is it going to be the education system but the justice system is going to be swamped, the social services, the medical system, and all other government programs and what will be their solution "more government" or "more socialism", then they will ultimately collapse into chaos and it will be hyper-chaos different then other socialist collapses as there is a major cultural conflict and ideological differences and then the socialist government will blame others besides themselves and pander to whatever group they are afraid of the most. this will end up as all socialist countries with a mass culling and might even be worse than what you've seen before. the socialist Teresa May has already offered her support of the South African socialist dictatorship by even offering billions in her own government's tax money already trying to prop up another socialist regime and supporting the racial stripping of the industry and investing in failure. so now, they will be supporting two socialist governments that will rapidly decline into double hyperinfaltion as South Africa had already created a second currency that also hyperinflated in the span of three months, and the same will happen in the E.U. and all of the countries who accept and continue to take economic migrants.

Apple Genesis
The worst part of this is people like that dude talking about "she probably hasn't experienced other cultures". That's what's wrong with forced multiculturalism. Some cultures just don't mix. This why we have nations with borders. If you want to experience other cultures, that should be YOUR choice and not be mandated by governing officials. Nobody should feel like an outsider in their home country.

White Devil
Yea nobody is going over to Syria and telling them they need to take in more Christians because it's a chance to experience other religions and cultures.

chris cheap
when i was a kid i learned english right away out of respect to americans i am from puerto rico and i supose that makes me american .i dont speak spanish around american eglish speaking people because i have alot of respect for this country and people that dont speak spanish i dont uderstand how people live here for 20 years and dont speak any eglish i think thats a shame and i refuse to speak to them in spanish they get mad but i always say you have been hear half of youre life and you cant speak eglish they have no answer its trully a shame

America that's my name don't wear it out 4 hours ago Most of the time they can speak English but they pretend they don't because they are more comfortable speaking Spanish I'm Puerto Rican too and that pisses me off like nothing else I absolutely refuse to speak Spanish to these people and I treat them as if they are stupid a little mean I know but that usually brings the English out of them usually in curse words lol my dad does the same thing to these people he loves this country he has served and he hates when Spanish speaking people disrespects this country and her citizens

kman 4443
You are correct, and I am a policeman in DC and I come across quite a few Hispanics who cannot or won't speak English. I often while on duty run into this, and have to find a translator to respond to talk with them. This presents a danger to them because if they are having a medical emergency, crime victim, etc. Now I have to wait precious minutes to find out how to question them to determine what they need because I have to wait often 30 minutes or more for a Spanish speaking officer to come out to where I am.

German Mom Realizes Multiculturalism Does Not Work "Only 2 of 25 Kids Speak German" (REACTION) - Multiethnic Societies Can Flourish, but Multicultural Societies Will Collapse