Friday, August 31, 2018

Florida Gov. Candidate Desantis "Monkey This Up" Comments Are Much Ado About Nothing

Darth Celsius 
The people calling this racist are the racist by insinuating that monkey is associated with being black

Dark Circles
The true racists make up these stupid word rules because they see race before they see the person. The people who are not racist just speak without thinking about race. We need to not follow the word police.

V Cat
I agree with you. BUT...that’s what can happen when you are SO NOT don’t equate some terms...with racism. But you’re right in that the traps are pre-set for Republicans and they have to be AHEAD of the “game”! Sad, really.

Carrington Oliver
Another fake controversy pushed by @CNN

Claudia Kintigh
It's so stupid that we cant just talk anymore!! What the heck!!! No, Lucas, I disagree, I refuse to bow to the PC police!!! Ridiculous!!

America is #1
Ron DeSantis said nothing wrong, only a racist would think that when someone says monkey they think of a black person. DeSantis better win this is some straight up bullshit and lies.


Everyone should know by now that if you mention "monkey" in any other context than in a racist term, it'll be twisted into being something racist by the left, REGARDLESS.

What next? You have to change the name for a "Monkey wrench"? Because you know, that if someone asks for a "Monkey wrench" and a lefty is near-by and hears you say that, the lefty with scream "RACIST"!


Because this is exactly how they'll twist it; "It's a racist term for black slavery by calling a black person to do the work..." TRUST ME!

If we start self censoring and give in to this BULLSHIT, nothing will be allowed to be said in fear of things being twisted into a "racist term". Which is another form of controlling speech.

So no... Know the term, know the context. It's as simple as that. Because there's no way I'm going to be branded a f&%king racist for calling a monkey wrench, a f&%king MONKEY WRENCH!


They always have to go right to racism...they have nothing of substance to bring to debate or discussion

Mr. Nunuisance
I swear no more monkey business

Florida Gov. Candidate Desantis "Monkey This Up" Comments Are Much Ado About Nothing


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